Learning Adventures Kids Channel

There's a new YouTube kids channel teaching kids about different subjects and things.  Below is their latest video about animals:

Funny Puppy Face

Someone tried to take a picture in a pet store of a cute puppy when they snapped the picture at the wrong time making the dog look angry and nasty.

High Steping Towards Food

Funny gif image of a black and white puppy Boston Terrier who lifts its legs too high because it's wearing small doggie shoes.  The owner intices the dog with a small bite of food in front of the camera.

Funny Boxer Costume

Funny boxer puppy dresses up in panda costume.  See more pictures at Funny Pups.

Boston Terrier Has A Ball

Boston Terrier plays with large red rubber rolly ball and flips over the ball when playing with it. Video title on YouTube "There is a God"

Poor Puppy

Puppy shaming, sign says, "Someone may or may not have gotten into the trash again"

Blames Other Dog

Sign says, "Juliet did it -->".  The dog is shamed for bad behavior and blames other dog in sign.

Loved Puppy Shaming

Puppy shaming:  Sign says, "I don't like to be brushed.  But when my owner's done, I eat my own fur.  The dog's name is Oliver and hates to be brushed, but can’t wait to eat his own fur when they are finished.  The funny pup has on a colorful blue collar.

Cute Puppy Shamed

Funny small puppies shamed.  Sign says, "I enjoy long runs in the park, cuddling on the couch, and eating garbage.  The humorous doggie picture shows garbage in the background where it has messed it up.